What is My Full Time Job At Home?

My Full Time Job At Home is a blog created and run by me, Samuel, to teach others the proper way to make money online. Because there are just countless of “make money” scams online, people tend to get lost. If you are like me and you have been scam before online, you know that’s a very painful experience, one that you would not want to be caught into again. That’s why I’m here. My goal is to help clear all the doubts and fears that is preventing you from achieving success online. If you’re interested to make a passive income online, start an online business or to make some extra income online, you have come to the right place!

You can learn all about making a passive income online on my Start Here page.

My Story

Firstly, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Samuel, I’m 19 years old and I come from Singapore. Okay, you must be wondering how does a 19 year old guy knows about all this stuff? Let me share with you my story. I’m just a normal teenage guy who learned about making a passive income online because I had to. If you don’t know, the country that I live in (Singapore) is rank 4th of the most expensive cities, so the cost of living is very high, and if I could make an extra income online why not?

Before learning how to make a living online, I was studying in a cooking school. However, during my internship I knew that it wasn’t the job I really wanted in the future. Working as a chef is not an easy job, and I knew that I had to sacrifice a lot time working in this line. If you don’t know, working in the FNB industry is not your typical “9-5 job”. The hours are way longer and it can be very irregular too.

So one day I told myself this. I want to change everything in my life. I want to become rich. So, I started researching on Google about anything that is related to making money. And soon I found out that a handful of people were making money online from something called Affiliate Marketing. If you have never heard about Affiliate Marketing before, it is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products online.

And what made me start this Affiliate Marketing path was because it doesn’t require me to invest much money and I don’t have to spent time thinking of a product to create. That’s the beauty of Affiliate Marketing, you just need a website, a domain name and some tools to start selling. Like how I build up this website. If you don’t know, a website is the foundation of any online business. Think of a website like a normal shop outside, a shop is the foundation of a “physical business”, so a website is the foundation of an online business.

Running an online business built around passive income will allow you to have the freedom of the time and place you want to work. Why? Because you just need a computer and an internet connection. It means you could work from home, outside, literally anywhere as long you have those “two things” with you. And you know what is the best part to it? If you don’t feel like working for the day, you can choose not to!

Jokes aside, if I could live life at my own terms why not? Having the freedom of where and when I want to work, means I could spent more time with my love ones too. That was one of my dream too, because I knew even how much money people earn, they might not have the comfort of spending time with their loves one. Money can’t buy happiness. Happiness comes from the people you love.

So I kept finding out more information about it, everyday single day I was on my computer studying and learning. However, there were times that I was stuck and I just needed someone to help and guild me. I knew that I couldn’t do everything by myself. So one day, I found out about an Online Marketing training program called Wealthy Affiliate. I was skeptical at first because I had been scam before online, but since they offer a free trail membership, I just joined the program.

Guess what? After I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I was surprised by the community inside! The support and help that I needed they gave me, the whole community at Wealthy Affiliate was so helpful. Pack with many experience online marketers and successful online entrepreneurs, there is no way I would be lost. My goal of becoming a successful online entrepreneur was getting closer day by day. I still remember the first time I earn a commission at Wealthy Affiliate, it was the best feeling ever!

So, why do I ask people to join Wealthy Affiliate? Well, it has help me so much (still learning up till now) and I am sure it will help you too! If you’re interesting in making a honest living online, then go for it. Sign up for free now! Join me and 500,000+ others in the path of finding our own success!  You can read my full review on Wealthy Affiliate here!

Did you know this blog was created by the trainings of Wealthy Affiliate! How did you think I created such an awesome blog then? 😎

Finally, I want to thank Wealthy Affiliate and the owners (Kyle and Carson) from the bottom of my heart for showing me the way of success up till now! Btw Wealthy Affiliate didn’t pay me to write this good “story” about them. I wrote this because I sincerely want to thank them 🙂

Some of the commissions I earned from Wealthy Affiliate. I’m not posting this to brag or anything, just letting people know that they do pay that affiliates on time!

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What do I do during my free time? 

Do I have any hobbies? Yes I do. Other then being obsess with the internet, I’m also addicted to martial arts! It keeps me out from any stress that I am facing in life and it helps me with my lifestyle too. Learning martial arts also has helped me to become more discipline in every single thing I do. I also love watching the ufc in my free time and I’m a big fan of Conor McGregor!


Lastly,  it was nice meeting you and feel free to contact me if you ever need help! Thanks for reading ! 🙂



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