What Is Project Breakthrough About? – A Scam? Vick Strizheus Jason McClain Scammers?

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Name: Project Breakthrough

Website: www.projectbreakthrough.com

Owner: Vick Strizheus (Founder) Jason McClain (CEO/Partner)

Price: Free to start but the “upgrade” costs $297 a month + upsells of thousands of dollars.

Overall: 1 Stars (1 / 5)

Date when it started: 2016

Verdict: Pyramid Scheme

Before explaining the details of Project Breakthrough, let me tell you something you might not have possibly known about the Owner of Project Breakthrough, Vick Strizheus and his partner, Jason McClain.

Who is Vick Strizheus? – Is he a Con Artist? 

Back in 2009 Vick avoided a sentenced to a total of 90 days in jail and 5 years of probation for Insurance theft. His real name is Vitaliy Strizheus and he is originally from Ukraine. In 2007, Vick got caught filing life insurance applications for people who didn’t exist, which netted him more than $30,000 in commissions he didn’t earn.

Before Vick was sentenced, he told the court he was sorry and that he made a mistake, one that won’t happen again. The judge also placed Strizheus on five years supervised probation. He’ll be randomly tested for drugs or alcohol, the court will monitor all of his financial activities and he can’t leave the state of South Dakota. Since his wife is a stay-at-home mom, the judge felt putting him in prison would have sentenced Strizheus family “to a life of poverty.” But the prosecutor still maintains, he’s a con man. “That’s what he is! He gets five years to walk the straight and narrow. We’ll see,” Srstka said. Vick was also ordered to pay back more than $24,000 he took in unearned commissions, which he did Monday.

Those of you who have watched the Introduction of Project Breakthrough, you will also see a part of this clip and he will tell you that he had learnt from his mistakes and he had changed. But did he really learn from his mistakes in the past? Did he really tell you everything? Is he still maybe hiding something? Well, that’s only a part of the entire story.

Did you know that Vick has also performed a similar business opportunity program before called the “Big Idea Mastermind” and it’s now shutdown. (All the advertisements on BIM in the past)


Here is the video of the “Big Idea Mastermind” he created.

He shows you his ferrari and his house. The ferrari is rental. You can clearly see the white rental tag on the keys. His “Casa” is also rental. You can rent his “home” right  here. He use “rentals” to prove his success. Vick doesn’t even live in the state of Florida where this videos was taken, he lives in South Dakota.

It is a lie that Big Idea Mastermind is free. At minimum you have to purchase a $25 per month 100% commission product from Vick or one of his affiliates to join Big Idea Mastermind. Below shows an email from BIM in the past.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 10.46.01 AM

These are some of his other “creations” in the past which are all scams:  Global Success Club (Close), 48 Hour Cash Club (Close),7 Figure Marketing School (Close), Internet Traffic Formula (Close) and the current “scheme” he’s running now, High Traffic Academy. (I will get to that later)

48-hour-cash-club-medium ITFvic600


Below are accounts of how Vick Strizheus scams his victims related to the creations he made.




Here is another video example by Michael Miller (a follower of Vick in the past) on how Vick takes your sales during his web events.

How does Vick operate and make his scams work? – Behind the Scammer’s mask

Ethan Vanderbuilt (online’s scam buster) explains how Vick scams people.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 11.20.45 AM

So, how does Vick work his scams? He will get you to join his “program” claiming that you will make a lot of money and then you will pay some type of monthly fee, but soon you will find out that the information he provides is incomplete. Then he comes out with excuse emails. After some time the “scheme” is closed and he will proceed to the next one. He will also give you a chance to sell some products, after that he will swap his affiliate ID with yours and then take the sales you have made. When you bring your own traffic into the scheme, he will use it to build his traffic. He will also take the lead emails you have generated and keep them for his own. How did you think he made more than $720,000 in a month? (By scamming people)

This is what I found one the first page of Google when I type in “vick strizheus”. I’m not surprised.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 4.22.36 PM

And his partner Jason McClain? – Is he another Con Artist? 

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 11.24.54 AM

When you watch Project Breakthrough, Jason may seem like really a very caring and upright person. But you know even the most caring and upright person has a dark side. And don’t forget a Con Artist always have to portray such personalities to order to deceive their victims. He has even brought his family into the picture, I don’t see why you have to mix family with business. (He wants to gain your trust by showing you his family) Did you see Bill Gates bringing his family along when he advertised Microsoft?

I found an article on a guy name Ed West, where he explains his thoughts about Jason McClain. This is what he said at the end of the article. You can read the full story here.

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 11.02.09 AM


This are all facts/evidence I found online. The prosecutor still maintains, Vick Strizheus is a con man. I would agree with the prosecutor.  Vick “supporters” said he has changed, but I think they are delusional. Why? Because they are a part of the inner circle. So what is the inner circle? Well, once you have “proven your worthiness” you are admitted to the inner circle. You become one of the privileged few. You get to meet The Inside Man. And you will be charmed right out of your boots by this character in the play because he knows exactly how to match your interests.

These two guys, Vick and Jason were involved in some kind of fraud in the past, they have already loss their credibility. Would you still want to trust someone that has previous records of fraud? And don’t you think that it’s very suspicious when two Con Artists are working together?

So, what is High Traffic Academy? – If you have watch Project Breakthrough, you will know that they will mention it on the 3rd day. “The quickest way to profit”

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 7.25.02 PM

High Traffic Academy is the company behind Project Breakthrough. After you have watch episode 3 of Project Breakthrough, you will be ask to sign up for this High Traffic Academy Elite program which will cost $279 per month. It promises you access to “27 income streams”. However, further down into the program, you will be presented with more and more upsells that would add up to thousands of dollars. I will cover all the outstanding prices below in a moment.

Comments I found online on HTA.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 2.44.24 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 1.35.45 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 1.33.24 PM

I found a conversation on YouTube that shows 2 former HTA members explaining how they got rip off by High Traffic Academy.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 1.44.45 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 1.26.33 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 1.12.28 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 1.12.54 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 1.13.08 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 1.18.07 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 1.20.19 PM

Btw, if you are a HTA member and you have experience this, you can file a complaint with CA Attorney General customer complaint page. Here is the link https://oag.ca.gov/contact/consumer-complaint-against-business-or-company  

Now, What is Project Breakthrough about? – The picture below is from their website. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 10.24.22 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 10.51.54 PM

It claims to help you make up to $20000-$50000 or more per month and help you to do it over again. Wow, doesn’t it sound too good to be true already? 14 days to $20000-$50000? That is some bold claims man. I mean do you even believe that’s possible? Because logic tells me no.

Note: They say in beginning,  “Brought to you %100 Free! No strings attached”

What is Project Breakthrough really about?

First, why should you even listen to me? You must be wondering who the heck is this “random dude” trying to bash this company?

Well the thing is, I have watch the whole 14 days of Project Breakthrough so basically I’m going to tell you in summary what the videos are all about day by day. (So you don’t have to waste your time watching all this bullshit)

Fair enough? Alright, lets begin. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 10.29.51 PM

Day 1 – They teach you about the “foundation” of building an online business, however I realise that they did not get to the actual point of the “foundation” and that’s, Having your own website. You can learn how to build your very own website here! 

(I find it a joke that they themselves wouldn’t even reveal the basics of starting an online business when they are so called the “Pioneers of this industry” For those of you who are new to online marketing, having your own website is so called your “foundation”. You can ask any experience online marketer and their answer would be the same.)

Day 2 – They teach you about marketing terms and get you to be familiar with the language of marketing and they introduce you some “bonus trainings” you can sign up for,

Facebook Marketing 101 – $397/year

Twitter Marketing – $297/year

Email Marketing – $297/year

PPC Mastery – $997/year

Content Marketing – $297/year

Video Marketing on YouTube – $397/year

Retargeting with AdRoll – $397/year

Retargeting with Adwords – $297/year

Wow, that’s a total of $3376 per year.

Day 3 – This is the day that they will tell you to invest your money in some “programs” and “products” to get started.

(Note: This step is a must by them and they tell you to “blindly follow them and not to ask any questions” What? Blindly follow? Don’t ask any questions? If you’re still following them up to this point I think you need to wake up. How can you learn anything when you are being restricted from asking questions?) 

ClickPromise – $0 (Did you know that ClickPromise was started by them too?)

GetResponse – autoresponder – $15/month

Activate High Traffic Academy Elite – $297/month

Sign up with ClickMagick – $12/month

Sign up with Mouseflow – $19/month

That’s another total of $343 per month.

Day 4 – They ask you to print and complete a “Campaign Blueprint” and create a new list in autoresponder for the campaign, no money involve here.

Day 5 – They teach you the secrets to have an effective landing page, and offer you a landing page secrets course at $497 per year.

Day 6– Teach to you get a domain name @Namecheap and offer you a bonus funnel mastery course @ $497 per year. (I mean what’s the point of getting a domain name if you’re not using it for a website?)

They also teach you to build a custom funnel and they recommend you SiteSuite which will be available free for HTA Elite members. Did you know that SiteSuite was originally created by 10minutefunnels  and you can try it for $1 at www1.10minutefunnels.com. (You don’t need to pay $297 per month for HTA to get it.)

Day 7 – Teach you how to create and upload your custom video. And again offer you a “Advanced Video Secrets” course @ $497/year. I mean I don’t know what kind of “Advanced Video Secrets” they are going to teach you for $497 per year. You can obviously learn about video marketing on Google/Youtube for free.

Day 8 – Now new offers, teach you about google analytics and back to day 3 when they ask you to sign up with mouseflow @ $19 per month.

Day 9 – No new charges

Day 10 – They ask you to buy clicks from Clickpromise (don’t forget click promise is run by them too) – Prices range from $200 for 100 clicks to $12,000 for 10,000 clicks.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 3.00.33 PM

Why would you want to buy traffic from them? You are paying them money for this so called “free” program and they still want you to buy traffic from them to recruit people. Ok let’s say if you buy a click for $2 and IF someone signs up for project breakthrough, you will only earn $1.50. Instead of making money you will lose money. Doesn’t make any sense.

Update: They has stop paying the $1.50 commission. So when you refer people to Project Breakthrough you won’t earn anything unless they “upgrade”. They claim that it is cause by the “low quality traffic that is targeting only the itial opt-in, rather than the funnel’s upsells” , However, the truth is that more and more people are being informed about Project Breakthrough being a scam, so the company is having a hard time in reciting new members to join so much so that they need to stop paying the $1.50 commission. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 3.16.56 PM

Day 11 – Reminds you to sign up for HTA elite membership again and ask you to activate your 27 passive income streams in your HTA Elite members area.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 12.08.35 AM

Day 12 – Ask you to sign up for AdEspresso – $49 per month

Day 13 – No new charges – Teach you how to identify 7-10 platforms on which you can advertise or tap into other people’s lists.

Day 14 – This is their so called “gradation day” and they will present you with a one time deal to upgrade to 1 of 3 different “Marketer’s Suite”s. (Started, Builder or Champion) These are essentially bundles of the optional training that totaled $4,370/year. The prices are $997/year, $1,497/year or $1,997/year. That’s way too overprice don’t you think? (I think all their products are overprice anyway) They also introduces you to the next “BIG” opportunity that they will be launching on August 22-24 during a seminar that you can attend for $497. They are only offering hype in regards to this opportunity but the name is Entralife and promises to “change lives”.

After watching this whole 14 days, I did not like my experience with Project Breakthrough though. All the time when I was watching the videos, I try to put myself in a beginner shoes, hoping to gain some useful knowledge, but honestly I didn’t learn much. Some people may argue and say they learn a lot from it, but from my experience with Online Marketing, I’m sorry there is really not much to learn. All I really learn in Project Breakthrough is those guys constantly asking me to invest more and more money into their “program” which they said it was free at the start.

I just want to clarify that when it comes to making money online, there’s no such thing as “get rich quick”. So why do so many Online Marketers and Entrepreneurs try to convince you to think other wise? Because they make money by selling “false hopes” to people. Having financial freedom online takes time and effort. “There are no shortcuts to success”. And btw you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars just to start an online business. You just need a website, a domain name, a website host and some tools to help you get started, that’s all.

Wanna Get Started Now? Learn The Right And Legitimate Way To Make Money Online Here!

So, What is the Real Motive of the Program?

It is a Pyramid Scheme, period.

So what is a Pyramid Scheme? A Pyramid Scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products or services. As recruiting multiplies, recruiting becomes quickly impossible, and most members are unable to profit; as such, pyramid schemes are unsustainable and often illegal. – Wikipedia

Watch this quick video on the Pyramid Scheme and how to spot one!

If you are still confused or have difficultly in understanding what is this all about, let me explain to you in a more simple way. In order to make the $20000-$50000 they “promise” you in the beginning, you will have to invest thousands of dollars and you must be fully committed in promoting “Project Breakthrough”. This could mean spending 8-10 hours a day doing this for your whole life. Let me ask you this. Do you really want to spend your whole life promoting this “Scheme” to people just to make that amount of money?

Basically, they are trying to make use of you to recruit more and more people into this “Scheme'” so they can make more and more money. They keep teaching you to promote “Project Breakthrough”, but in the end do you even know what exactly are the products the company is selling? What is the value of those “products” they’re trying to make you buy and sell? I’m sure that there is not much value for those “products” anyway, since they are offering at such a high price. Do you want to be “controlled” by them your whole life? Or do you want to keep deceiving people every single time just for money? I’m sure you’re smarter than that!

Studies show that in a naked pyramid scheme, 90.4% of people lose their money, while in product-based pyramid schemes it is 99.88%. After hearing what I have said, do you still believe about the “Brought to you 100% free, no strings attached” That’s a big lie man.

I also find it a joke when they say they have been in this industry for a very long time, and they want to teach you everything for “Free”. And the reason they want to give you for free was because they said they have surveyed 2700 people online and the “results were shocking”. Who were the 2700 people they actually surveyed huh? There is no prove. Just ask yourself this, will Steve Jobs teach you how to invent the iPhone for “Free” if he surveyed that people don’t have enough money to pay for the phone? It’s the same thing, what a joke.

I also notice that, they keep saying that “no earnings at all are guaranteed”  and at the same time they say that if you just follow the instructions during this 14 days, it will be impossible to not make a commission. Sounds like a contradiction to me.

You know I also got this feeling that the couple in Project Breakthrough are just actors. They were paid to do this. I mean they say in the video about their life situation etc etc. It might be true I don’t know, but there is really no prove to back up their words. And if they are really facing a financial crisis, maybe they had no choice but to act it out for the sake of money? Or maybe they don’t even know that Project Breakthrough is actually a scam? Anyway, this are just my speculations.

However, in the end it’s up to you if you want to believe me or not. I can’t force you to. Only time will tell if they are speaking the truth or not. I will only say what I have to say in my opinion as of now. I will keep tabs on any developments for you and will let you know soon as I have more information. Knowing who it is coming from, I expect it will unfortunately take a lot of money from a lot of people and not deliver on any of the overhyped promises. However, I’m very sure that High Traffic Academy and Project Breakthrough will eventually shutdown one day because of it’s business model. For the company to survive, they would need to recruit more and more members each time to feed the top of the “Pyramid”.

After reading my post, I would appreciate if you share this with anyone you know who is going through Project Breakthrough or if you have watched Project Breakthrough already, please post my web link at the comments sections. You will be saving more lives from this scam. This is our fight. To prevent anyone else from being victims and to shut down this fraud.

Lastly, if you have gone through Project Breakthrough or High Traffic Academy,  you can share your experience with me down below! I would be happy to talk to you. 🙂

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” – Mark Twain

Finale Verdict: Definitely a Multi-level Marketing scam, aka Pyramid Scheme.

If you have lost money to this scam, you can you can file a complain with the FTC here www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov

You’re probably wondering, if there is really a legitimate online training program that you can trust? Well, hopefully there is! You can check out my #1 recommended online marketing training program, Wealthy Affiliate 🙂 You Can Check Out My Full On Wealthy Affiliate Review Here!

Project Breakthrough
Written by: Samuel
Date Published: 02/27/2016
1 / 5 stars

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yeah, that totally suck man, I don’t know how they sleep at night, and nor do I know who people can be so desperate to fall for it.

Nice, clear and to the point.

thanks for this review



I hate this I so wanted this to be a real thing. I thought for sure this was it for me, I got to day 3 in the pb program and cant go any further cause I don’t have the tools they wanted me to get. I did manage to get signed up with click promise. but I realy do not know what that means I wish there was a way to realy do the online marketing thing but so far all seems like scams. I wanted to trust these guys but I had a hard time with the whole its free thing then on day 3 they pop u with all this stuff you have to purchase. but my question is this to be an affiliate isn’t the ideal to get hooked up with promoting lots of stuff to get the pay out but with pb they only want you to promote them I am confused at this whole thing.


dont know why people do this


i was thinking that as i was going thru the process, they started out saying they are servants of God but in a brush of a pen they altogether in the third video come up with 2 classes of affiliaters/ Beginner and then champion/ then vick said if you choose the beginner hta suite you wouldn’t be able to have access to the 27 streams of income/ So if you was on such a God trip how could you kick a whole section of people like that to the curb without empathy of remembering how you supposely had came up from nothing. It all started out free until the third video what a bunch a crap i hope to get him again.


Ugh, it seems when people are getting more and more informed about scams, people like this throw things out there that people will actually fall for! People like him deserve to be put in jail for conning others out of their hard-earned money. Of course, there’s only one program that I recommend…and we all know what program that is 🙂

Anh Nguyen


With someone who avoided prison sentence as the owner, it’s doubtful Project Breakthrough is any good, if not a “scam”. Thanks so much for doing all the researches for us, sometimes it’s hard to gather all the information you need before jumping into another make money online program.

Wealthy Affiliate is indeed the best program out there to learn about online marketing, in my opinion.

How did you find out about Wealthy Affiliate?


You know I sat down and looked at that scam for I day. It took a little seaching before I started to find the free expenses. I am glad you wrote about this scam. You verified my concerns.
THanKs and have a GREAT DAY!


I’ve been wondering about Project Breakthrough for quite some time so I’m happy that I arrived at your site. You give really good, detailed information that anyone considering this project should read beforehand!

I like that you did a 14 day trial and a comparison to Wealthy Affiliate. After reading your article I will certainly consider Wealthy Affiliate much more. Thanks for your help!!


You are trying to differentiate the two online courses, right? Yes, WA is still the best one. I have never found such a website that really aims to help people succeed. And even gives you free website for it. I have never heard of Project Breakthrough though and how they operate.

Jack Cao

I know this guy back in the day when his program was called big idea mastermind. Many complaints about him as well. Thanks for your through review on this. Definitely will not try this.


Wise buddy

At some parts its clear that his products are over charged,which is in a way terrible but on the other hand,he is teaching us alot and I mean really alot.why should we believe you and also why should we believe weathly affliate is legit because I also did my research and there a lot of similar people outside there complaining the same way.I wonder where the truth lies in this world.Last question,what makes you think that we won’t realise you are an affliate and promoting the network wealthy Affliate to get revenue from our clicks plus you are gathering our emails for your site pay per e-mails.Damn you!!!
I know you will delete this comment,go a head and do it.


Funny seeing project breakthrough here !! As i was almost going to register with them and i would probably have lost a lot of money ! And seeing all the details here reassures me that i made the right call in choosing Wealthy Affiliate over Project breakthrough !
And as always very well written ! With attention to each and every detail ! Good job !


Hi Sam,

Nice meeting a fellow Singaporean who’s out to warn others about online scams to avoid. I like your bold approach on this review. Honestly, I’ve not heard of this program but from your review, I know I don’t need to know more.

Oh by the way, I like how you handle some nasty comments and then choose to publish them when you have a choice NOT to. Kudos to you and your journey in recommending what’s best for others!


Well… there was always 3 kind of marketers in this industry… The ones who didn’t make a dime from any offer, i call this sort complainers… they always crying that the life is crap. Then there is a competitors who market other offers that they think are better… So to make a successful marketing in their offers, they write a blog and explaining why in their opinion other offers are bad or scam. Inside their blog they will put their own offer between the lines. This is what i call kind of unfair marketing trick… Those people don’t have any other abilities or knowledge to promote their offer the honest way, so they will shower their competitors in crap in order to stand out. And yep, there is a 3-rd kind of marketers who doesn’t cares what to promote. They always making money out of any offer and never complain.

p.s while you all guys complain here and shower Vick in crap, i made almost 10k in first month promoting only project breakthrough.

P.s2. If MR. Samuel will delete this post, it will only be a small proof of my rightness.

P.s3. This is my humble opinion and it can be different from others opinion.

Good Luck to all!

Robin Hood

Have you ever checked How much was your overall spending for earning the ~$10K by promoting HTA lol?
(Beside not caring the consequences of your immoral behavior, as Samuel wrote)

Even though I don’t find your WA’s promoting in here legitimate and right,
Yet, you’re doing a great service for many naïve hopeless newbies …
The best way to check is it a scam:
Simply recommend every prospect to ask HTA to expose a statistics summary table of the net profit distribution among its overall members,
(Even without including traffic and infrastructure unknown expenses outside of HTA and ClickPromise, Which obviously they don’t have.),
And let everyone to judge by themselves.
That 1 photo would worth a 1000 words…


I spent a lot of money in 2013 !!! on Vick similar business opportunity before called “Big Idea Mastermind”
I have a facebook page for it!!! https://www.facebook.com/YouProfitWithBim
Don’t get sucked in.
It may not a scam as such but you get sucked into the upsell and if you don’t then you don’t get most of the money it goes into Vick’s pocket.
I made NO MONEY and I really did make an effort


I discovered that is was a scam when we are only getting $1.50 per client sign up and thats the whole business about,the 27 streams of income will cost you a fortune to just start .I did not yet see one review claiming to make money from this project breakthrough yet.


Hi Samuel,

Thanks for bringing this to everyone attention, this guy is clearly a serial scammer and needs to be outed so no more people part with their hard money and give it to this fraudster!

In fairness 90% of the time it’s fairly safe to say if someone is asking for thousands of dollars it”s a scam!

Chris Towers

Anything that offers success in fourteen days with never having worked online before has to be something people would consider suspicious.

Earning online comes through hard work and dedication the same as in businesses on your high street, there is no fast track!

Thanks for highlighting yet another of the thousands of scams out there. Is anything ever going to be done about them?



Riaz Shah

Hey Samuel,
I love Vick Strizheus and his principals – One idea can make you a millionaire things like that actually gave me more motivation to work.

However I really hate his MLM tactics, they looks so real and honest but at the end of the day, he’s just trying to make you join Empower Network.

I met him here in Malaysia and he was doing a program called Big Idea Mastermind which got many people to join as a “special offer”. When I asked my friends what happened, they all regretted joining.


I absolutely agree with your take on this. I was bitten by a MLM scheme back in the 90’s. They suck you in with great promises and take your money without conscience. Ultimately you end up out of pocket and a dire opinion of legitimate business online. It took me quite a few years to find the right business for me and I wouldn’t change it for any other now. Great review my friend and keep posting.


Hi Gary, Would you mind sharing the type of business you are in now and if it is in online marketing, the name of the program through which you joined this fraternity?

Travis Smithers

I would like to say, from my perspective, you have not let one stone unturned with your analysis. I would like to congratulate you personally for trying to help others avoid scams.

Project breakthrough sounds like a total money grab of anyone thinking of being successful online only to end up losing their money for trying the system.

The Wealthy Affiliate links you offer are the real deal for anyone that wants a serious opportunity for an online business.


Good grief. Thanks for the heads up.


Thank you for taking the time to write this. I’d seen some banners about Project breakthrough but never really paid too much attention to it. And thank goodness I didn’t! I can’t believe how much of a scam this is. It’s sad because they are targeting vulnerable people, who will think this is their way to make money, but they just totally scam them.

It’s really important and helpful to have sites like yours that can tell us the real programs from the fake programs. I’m glad I know the truth now.

To be honest, I’m surprised you gave them any rating at all!


Wow, I know some programs I won’t be wasting my time with. Thank you for sharing this insightful information with me and giving me a heads up.


Great article Samuel! I like how you did in depth analysis and even provided details on what they “teach” you when you join so we don’t have to waste our time finding out for ourselves. It definitely sounds like a scam. Thanks for spreading awareness for these types of sites. I’m sure a lot of people have lost a lot of money because of these sites. Wealthy Affiliate looks very promising. Thanks for the recommendation!


Hi Samuel,
What rocks do these guys crawl out form under anyway. Good job exposing them further. It’s makes even happier I found Wealthy Affiliate. I know I’m in good hands. What a community!



Hey !whoever you are you are nothing but like them. because in the end you also suggest people to go for the wealthy affiliate. how much confident you are that this is not scam. you are just same


im so confused as to the rite way to go what to do who to believe. how can they do this to people. I was so excited about this program. PB I watche d dedicated my time from the beginning. I learned a lot in the first 3 days. but omg after the 3rd video im confused I thought it was free teaching thing. now I have to pay for this and that get this tool and that tool. I must have missed the part of the video where they exsplain they are the founders of click promise. wich is the site they want you to go to to get your affiliate started. they tell you not to watch the next video till you get all your homework done from the previous day. but I cant even do that cause they kept saying go to your todo list and there you will find all the links. I kept posting comments that I did not have a todo list and could not no one ever tried to help me I felt this was to good to be true I knew for sure when they asked in day 3 to purchase this and that and not ask any questions I can not invest one dime and blindly follow I just cant I need info they don’t give any now that I am sighned up with click promise and promoting pb dose this mean I cant promote any thing else threw click promise I don’t know


what about Google AdSense???


Hello Samuel,
Thanks for your comments on this project. Would you kindly let me know any productive online money making project exist? So, I can follow that.


Hi Samuel,
Firstly, let me tell you that I am a member of WA Elite and love the whole concept and also the wonderful community which comes with it. However, I am NOT as inclined as you seem to be, to knock another programme without real evidence, so that folk say thank you and sign up under you in WA. This is neither ethical, nor I believe good practice and I would be surprised if our esteemed leaders in WA would condone this practice. As it happens, I have also joined Project Breakthrough and I am delighted with what I am learning through the videos FREE of charge. I have picked up a lot from WA but I have not been taken in hand and walked through it step by step to my first affiliate pay day as is happening with PB. We all learn in different ways.
I think you are making too much of the costs involved in PB. Apart from SiteSuite, which is as you say quite a lot of money, the other essentials are tools that all online marketers use and have to pay for. The additional High Traffic Videos are yours to choose as and when you can afford to, and then only if you want to.
I was a headteacher all my working life and I know what it costs to bring in trainers to the work place; from my experience somewhere in the region of $2,000-$3000 per day and this for just mundane stuff like health and safety! Then, I also know what is charged for conferences in the US for folk who want to meet, listen and learn from so called gurus!
Sitesuite at less than $300 per month, with the help of Vic and Jason do much more than this already! For the first time in many years of trying to understand the intricacies of sales funnels and everything you have to master to understand it, I am in second heaven! Well done PB!!
I know that there is history concerning Vic and Jason, but I for on would recommend it wholeheartedly, with the proviso that you take it step by step without paying more than you can really afford. “IF” it works for you and commissions start to come in, then pay as you go and keep learning!
Strange to think that I will be promoting both PB and WA through one of my future sites hosted with WA!!
Best wishes to all fellow strugglers who want to learn how to “crack” the code.


Hi..While your footwork is very good. I have to say… the program may not be all that someone expects . It is very informative…I did go through all the pb training and did not use there resources I used my own..so any kickback I get is coming from them but I have my own domain, not through namecheap but through my own source. Now if you just need some insight on marketing…. this is the place to go. Because they do a full step by step breakdown you do not have to invest to get knowledge.. I am not the one to judge anyone but you and everyone else is going to that sight for the same purpose as them running it to make money.. have a great day… This is by no means to uphold what anyone does because we all have our own thing going on…like I stated before it is very informative material so you do not have to invest to get some good information out of it. I would not recommend doing all that investing anyway..but if you are already in the affiliate marketing then use your own links and tools….Have a good day and good luck…



I have recently also completed a review of Project Breakthrough. I went through all 14 videos. I don’t know why I was surprised but my graduation present was an $1800. course.

I am glad there are other people also blowing the whistle on these guys. Nice work.


Joe Myers

I was watching a review on You tube and the guy started slamming Michael Freeman and his binary options auto trader saying his signals are only 60% and you really need to make money with a good online business and then later start trading binary options. So, he offers the link to this opportunity you did a great research review on -I saw your post in the comments and came to your site . FYI- Michael Freeman has over 20,000 You tube members and his Facebook group has over 5,500 people trading as a family. How desperate do you have to be to take on the largest Binary options trading group in the niche just to push this mlm type scam and rob people in the process.
Three days ago Michael Freeman made it possible for anyone to join his facebook binary signal trading group for proof of a $25 donation to a charity of your choice, that’s all. You just send him a copy and he sends you an invitation to join.
It is amazing to what ends someone will go to get people to look at the opportunity, where is their spiritual conscience? Hoe needs to sign up at tut.com and get the messages from the Universe in his mail box everyday.
You have done a marvelous job by standing brightly in the Light and shining it onto the darkness in this world. Exemplary!


As an actual binary options trader I can tell you from experience that Michael Freeman is a Joke and Con artist himself. His signals are truly no good or his program.


Hi Samuel, just completed day 2 of PBT, and i cant even start day 3, whats up with this? Well am sold on the fact that its a scam………..any thouhgts on Drop Ship Lifestyle? Andy Kraly runs this program any word on Him?


Of course it’s a scam but what you do with anything online do not just give your money. Take the knowledge and information and do it on your own. Auto responder is a great site, I knew about them before I even started my first sneaker business. I just heard about PBT and on the third day. I felt as if it was a scam from day one because of how long he was speaking, but lets be 100% mindful of the information that is actually given.


Hi Samuel,

Thanks for warning us about this.

Project Breakthrough hooked me initially via a Twitter ad. I will be unsubbing and will not be signing up to be an ‘Elite’ member.

Someone else recommended Wealthy Affiliate to me too although I noticed that their free information dries up very quickly and then you have to start paying monthly. MOBE seems to be similar.

Anyways, thanks again.


Wow. What can I say…

I’m not going to call them a scam (too soon for that) because my situation is a bit different. I’m actually one of those who bought into the “vision” and became an Elite member. I’ve worked really hard trying to send a lot of people through the funnel (Project Breakthrough). Now, more than 60 days later I’ve found myself with $4k+ sitting in my affiliate account with ClickPromise. My problem is I have not received any money at all from them. I have contacted them several times requesting my payment (for February) and they simply tell me that I should receive my payment “soon” or “the next day”. Apparently, payments are still being “processed”. I know I shouldn’t have to contact them to get paid to begin with. Keep in mind, payments were supposed to be made the 30th of each month.

I honestly don’t know what I’ll do if they actually decide not to pay me after I’ve invested all this money and TIME into their “vision”. It’s why I’m commenting here just to ask you for some advice on what should I do about this.

I’ll let you guys know if they actually pay me. After all, we do have to be fair.

I’ll make another phone call later on today and I’ll come back to let you know how it went. Hopefully they send me a payment because I desperately need the money.


Thank u for explaining hope to learn from you


Samuel, please !
Can we earn money online without paying in advance ?
If so, how we can do it. I mean can you give us some websites or some informations about it.

Thank You !


hii..i was so excited when i know im going to rich so soon 😛 but its fake. well can you help me out in fiding the real one.. kindly send me the link.. how about WA? is it real ?

Lilliana Neves

LOL… I never trust anything online. Well I am trying to. I was asked to take a look at this too. The magical project breakthrough. When a person tells me it is free I always ask how much?! Because people, nothing is for free! Ok let me phrase it like this. If some tells you to never share your financial status online and say that you are broke… and teaches you that you need to be wanted online as a celebrity that everyone wants to be with so they join your team… and that you need to say things that make sense then people start to listen to you and want to buy from you… now I ask you WHAT are they doing in the FREE video’s? Exactly.. gaining trust.. be popular and rich..making sense so you follow them blindly and make the purchase because they make you belief!!! With a little logic you can see that this is what they are doing. By the way asking us to put down 10 000 dollars to come to California or something to meet with them in a luxury resort or hotel to do business or get help for 3 days?? HELLOOOO if I need to learn the things how to make more money etc. do you think that I have 10 000 dollar to just give away like that? And people that are already earning this amount of money to miss is they don’t need your help because they are already earning it! So you know… educate yourself don’t do everything people tells you to do but use your common sense a bit and investigate!!!!


Lilliana Neves

Oh I forgot something… WHY a luxury resort or hotel??? I mean you want to talk about business right.. this can be done anywhere and safe me some money!

And the monthly fee is simply ridiculous. Are you crazy!!! And then if you want to stop you need to pay something also. What the hell is that?? Doing everything for not letting you go. Besides haven’t you notice in the video that they talk to you emotions?? You are not a quitter but a winner. Only winners are able to do this. Just take my hand and follow me BLINDY!!! Hellooooo

Ok I will stop talking now 😀 You get the point!


Hey! Sammy Brown & Michelle Kim,

Thank for all your information regarding “Project Break Through” being a scam.


But, I was just wondering about one thing, you both have been writing in BOLD in their COMMENTS section that the opportunity is a scam, then, why on earth do they let your comment to be seen?

Isn’t it in their hands to delete it?

Just a thought I feel worth clarifying?

Jawad khan

This is my first day with these guys and found it fraud because no one in this world wants to give advantage to any one for free. Any way thanks for making me aware of this scam. You are doing well, I extremely appreciate this and wish you best of luck for good deed.
Thanks alot.


One thing is for sure that they know how to get traffic, but in a crooked way coz the right way is not that easy as they pretend to be


Hey, Samuel, I hope you are having a great day and that you have space for another comment.

I was just approving some comments on my website. I was also in the process of checking my spam folder to see if there were any legit comments that might have filtered over to the same spam folder.

I found out that they were all spam, I saw one that had a subject line “Learn How to Earn Money Online Without Selling 100 Free No Experience Required” it contained a youtube video link so I clicked on it to see if it were actually true.

I like doing these things from time to time to get ideas to write a review because most of the scam system contain titles like the one I received in my spam folder.

Anyhow, I landed on the PBT page and saw at the bottom of the website the many comments on the website. That is where I saw the link to your review (thank goodness I found it!).

The PBT website is truly a bait website that I am sure has scammed a lot of newbies. I am happy that you have done this very detailed review so that it may save people from being pulled into this type of scheme.

Vick & Jason are very talented and experienced scam artist who prey on the inexperienced. They deserve to be put out of business because they are not providing value to anyone at all.

Do they even know the meaning of free? Why are the upsells so ridiculously high? This must be the scam of 2016! All I wish is that more people would do their research before they run and sign up to a system that promises great riches by doing easy tasks.

People should realize that they have to put in some effort and dedication before they see true success in life.

I am now thinking of doing a detailed review on the PBT system on my website once I get around to it. This type of information needs to be spread wide and far to more people to see.

Thanks for a very honest and detailed review. Shame on the creators of the Project Breakthrough programs for not being honest. Their program would be brilliant if they were just honest and provided value for people.

Talk to you soon Samuel.

Warm regards,


Most online affiliating programs are a Scam! Their is so many ways to alter your traffic so you don’t get the commissions your entitled to. It falls in to this. “If its too good to be true then odds are its a scam” . If this program works so well then Vick and Jason wouldn’t have to share this with you and all links and software either they own the site or get a good commission from it.



For one, there is another website with a review just like this written exactly the same but without a few bits, is it also written by you? Or by someone else.

This is the website: https://projectbreakthroughscam.wordpress.com

And, how is this a scam? I have personally gone through all 14 days so I do understand how it works, though I don’t and haven’t promoted it. In order for money to be made, people have to buy stuff otherwise how do people get paid? You make a commission by selling a product that someone else has made, they make money on the sale because they provided the value. Isn’t it the same as a Real Estate agent making a commission selling your house? When you buy stuff in Project Breakthrough, the person who referred you makes commissions on the stuff you buy. When you refer people the stuff they buy makes you a commission on the sale. The more stuff there is to buy, the more money everyone can make. The up sells there are make for you to make more money.

So it’s possible to make the potential amounts they say you can. Of course if you buy everything, thats good. But the stuff people don’t buy, you don’t make money on.

I’m not trying to slam your post or anything, the evidence you provided was accurate and I agree with a lot of it. But I just want to challenge some of your points based on how I think it works, feel free to say I’m wrong it you feel.

Another thing I noticed, is that you have done these kind of reviews for other stuff too. A lot of it being Vick’s, and then go on to promote your own opportunity. Just an observation

Yes, I have been a follower of Vick’s for a while and think that people can changed based on their past but I’m not biased. I’m always open on hearing facts


I’ve really been putting a lot of thought into joining Project Breakthrough so I’m really happy that I wound up on your page. I can see now that it’s not worth my time and I should consider a better program such as Wealthy Affiliate. I really like the diagram you provided so that I can compare these two programs on similar metrics. I’m going to go sign up for Wealthy Affiliate today. Thanks so much for the advice!

Abdul Samad

This suckers put my name badly on FB since I promoted this. They suck my two months fee and requested refund but refused to do so. Actually, I asked my refund within 30 days of enrollment and instead of refunding, they charged my card again for the 2nd month. When asked, they told me that reversal is not possible and your account will be in active after 60 days!! Vick and Jason, you suck the poor people’s hard earned cash!! Go to hell!!!

Zoko Zula

One thing i realised vick he says in most of his videos “i also tryed to over out smart the other online marketers” so in this statement theres a lot of evidence for the one who understands think about it dont you think his trying to give you what seems to be great information that other marketers dont teach then reap you off on back end upsells becasue you got confinsed mentally and he build a fake trust with you this is what i see.

Marion Qungeli

i think they are scam… for every 15 days i’ve made +3000$ online working for my self 😉

Nazmul Hasan

Nice and very informative . thanks for your share