Why Do People Fail To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing

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Well, to be honest people fail in this industry is because they tend to RUSH things. Rushing in things meaning all they think of is to make a lot of money at first without even finding the proper way. However you will argue, if you don’t think about making money how will you succeed? Well, but if all you think of is making so much money without even finding the right way, you will not succeed. That’s why a lot of people will fall into scams/or even scam others in this industry ,  because of Greed. “He who wants everything every time will lose everything anytime”. Let me tell you, if you want to succeed in this industry or even anywhere else you must first have Value. Yes the secret answer is value, not money! If you have value in this world, then without a doubt you will be successful one day. People want to remember you as someone great 🙂 Now i am going to explain to you the common mistakes Affiliate Marketers made.

Common Mistakes Affiliate Marketers Make!

  • Not building a list

This is most important thing a affiliate marketer have to do when they start. It’s the money list! Building your own list in your niche puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to make multiple offers to your prospects, customers and the initial contact. In between your offers you can provide value by helping the people on your list solve their problems while demonstrating your expertise and building rapport. Every affiliate marketer should be building a list when they enter a niche at the start. Learn how to build your list

  • Selling rather then promoting 

What I mean by selling rather then promoting is, they just want to sell a certain product to a customer without even understanding the customer. Understanding a customer means to know the needs and wants of the customer. If you’re a customer would you buy something that you’re not interested in or something that has bad reviews? No right! You have to put yourself in the customers shoes! 🙂

  • Impatience


Impatience, many people come into this having the mindset just to get rich instantly. Well, if you come into affiliate marketing just to get rich quick, you have entered the wrong business. The ones who become rich in this business (in fact any types of businesses ) have come a long way, they work hard for it.  Remember success is a journey, not a destination!

  • Not tracking


Many people just want to promote a product and not knowing where their sales will come from. This is a big mistake. Why is this is a big mistake? Very simple, when you make a sale, you want to know where the sale came from. This enables you to know which pages are converting well so you can grow and scale that campaign! Yes, making any commission is great, but knowing where and how you made that commission is what makes you a better marketer. It lets you grow and scale your campaigns rather then working blindly.

  • Not testing their campaigns 

Which email, banner message converts the most? Which traffic source is producing the most sales? Which headline converts the most opt-ins to your building list efforts. You get the point. If you’re not testing means you are not improving and if you’re not improving you will not grow in this business. The best affiliate marketers will test and track all of their campaigns!

  • Being involve in scams


Yeah scaming! This means they will even lie to the customers to get what they want. Let me tell you, this is taking the easy way out, you will your credibility after some time. Do not let money and greed take over you because then you can’t turn back, once you tell a lie you will keep doing it. Would you like if someone you trust lies to you? Of course not right! Remember big or small lies all still lies. A lie may take care of the present but it has no future. If you tell the truth you won’t need to remember anything 🙂

  • Too Much

This is another big mistake affiliates make. Joining to many affiliate programs! Although is good to have multiple income streams but too much is not a good idea. You will come to a point that it is unmanageable. Choose your affiliate programs wisely.

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Hey guys, if you have any queries or doubts you can leave me a comment below! Thank you! 🙂



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